Christian Veterans Outreach

Brother to Brother … Saved to Serve

CVO, founded in 1993, is all about veterans helping veterans. We, who are fortunate enough to have successfully transitoned to civilian life, have done so because someone helped us at one point.

Image result for images military branches CVO serves veterans of all conflicts regardless of branch of service, rank, or experience.

Veterans need each other in civilian life just as much as we did in the military – for strength, encouragement, or just a friendly hand up.

We Meet Weekly

When: Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm
Where: 342 S. Chadbourne Street, San Angelo, TX 76903

CVO’s mission is to go where God leads, with whomever He assigns, for the purpose that He ordains. CVO is all about veterans helping veterans. Providing help in a relaxed setting among like-minded people who have served before and are once again saved to serve. Learn More About Us …

Navigating the VA System

Navigating the VA process is overwhelming for many Veterans. All too often, benefits applications are rejected when submitted the first time. Our members have extensive experience when it comes to navigating the VA system.  We’ve all been through it and have learned how to get it done. Learn about other little-known benefits for which you may qualify.

Financial Assistance and Counseling

Ninety percent of all money donated to CVO goes towards providing financial assistance to veterans and active members of the military. CVO pays for many basic needs such as utilities, rent, mortgages, and car payments. CVO pays the creditor directly.

Mental Health Counseling & Guidance

Successfully transitioning back into civilian life can sometimes be fraught with emotional, spiritual and social challenges. Dealing with PTSD has its own set of issues that make life seem almost unbearable at times.