Christian Veterans Outreach

Brother to Brother … Saved to Serve

Why Christ?

Although it may seem simplistic or too easy, becoming a Christ committed follower is the first step to making peace with your past. Our spiritual freedom and emothional health are the vital steps in becoming effective in the struggle that a veteran faces in the transition from military to civilian life.

Spiritual Equipping

We are not desighed to live defeated lives. Our military training teaches us to be victorious in all we do. unfortunately, our training did not equip us spiritually. This is the missing element in our change from the stress to combat and the adjustment back to civilian life.

Team Effort

The goal of Christian Veterans Outreach is to equip those who are willing to serve, that they too may help other veterans get freedom from their past. A team effort is essential to success. We need each other to get the job done with our Load as the Commander-in-Chief.

Serving Our Community

Military and combat experiences set many veterans back and prevent them from taking part in what they believe used to be a normal life.

Those experienxes set the veteran apart from their loved ones and from civilians after returning home from duty. There is hope and CVO’s purpose is to help the veteran transition back into civilian life. CVO has the experience and resources to help veterans, whether they experienced combat or not.

The military can take it’s toll but we are saved to serve. Just like we were told from day one, “leave no man behind,” CVO continues to serve our veteran community in helping you let the past be the past.

What Does It Cost

You’re probably wondering how much it costs to join. NOTHING! We only ask that the veteran provides us with a copy of a DD214 so we can verify that they have served. The veteran must have served honorably. Benefits through the VA are limited based on the type of discharge the veteran has received.


CVO is in partnership with Freedom Fellowship Church and we have provided veterans with a safe place to come and open up with like-minded individuals.

Our Story

CVO was originally founded by Bill Pride in east Texas in 1993. Bill is a United States Marine Corp veteran with two tours in Vietnam from 1964-1967.

The original goal was to help other Vietnam veterans who made it home but still felt they had been left behind. Our focus was compassion for those who had given so much of themselves already. CVO now has expanded to encompass all veterans of all conflicts regardless of branch of service, rank, or combat experience.

  • Navigating the VA System (Goal is 50 Vets helped in 2018) 20%
  • Financial Assistance and Counseling (Goal is 20 Vets helped in 2018) 15%
  • Mental Health Counseling and Guidance (Goal is 30 Vets helped in 2018) 7%
  • Annual Fundraising (Goal is $50,000 in 2018) 23%
Noel Bryant

Noel Bryant


It was the summer of 2016 when I got involved with what was then Combat Veterans Outreach (CVO). I was on unemployment and my husband was not working either and we were desperate for help. I had enough to cover rent but not the electric. I made phone calls almost all day before the meeting. I got a ride and attended my first meeting. I received assistance with my utilities and was so very grateful.

I continued to attend the meetings and helped with fundraising. Then some short time later I was “volunteered” to become CVO Secretary. A position I still keep to this day.

Now nearly two years later I am so appreciative of all help CVO gave me to a path of self-reliance and security both financial and spiritual. Now I can enjoy being able to help other veterans and hope to continue with CVO which has made me a better person. Thank Christian Veterans Outreach.

Ronald Spears, Sergeant, U.S. Army (Retired)

Ronald Spears, Sergeant, U.S. Army (Retired)

Leadership Team Member

Around early December 2014, I found myself without a place to live. I literally was homeless. Upon contacting Combat Veterans Outreach, now known as Christian Veterans Outreach, I was able to get in touch with HUD-VASH and they were able to find me a place that was affordable.

At this same time, all I had was my Army Retirement pension. Christian Veterans Outreach helped me with my paperwork to get my VA Disability and Social Security Disability. I received both items and joined the organization so I could help other veterans.

Team Member 1

Team Member 1

Leadership Team Member