Here’s Why We Need Your
Sponsorship and Donations

Why donate to CVO

Why donate to CVO when you can give your hard-earned money to other non-profit organizations? Let us be as clear and transparent as possible.

Nobody at CVO receives a salary. We run on a strictly volunteer basis. Every member of our Board of Directors is a veteran and a volunteer. Every person who considers themselves a member of CVO is a veteran and a volunteer.

The difference between CVO and other organizations is we are funded by the donations of generous people and businesses in our community. Not on a national level. Your donation is guaranteed to impact the life of a local veteran or military member.

90% of all funds received by CVO go directly back into the community with the remaining 10% going to a tithe toward the local church that supports our efforts. Your donation will be handled ethically. Less operating costs = more veterans and military members assisted.

Where Your $$ Go

We meet with several veterans every month who need a little extra financial help. Your donations and sponsorship are directly utilized by CVO to improve the lives of veterans and active members of the military.

CVO pays for many basic needs such as utilities, rent, mortgages, and car payments. We utilize our very best discretion and require those asking for help to present billing statements for their needs (where possible). CVO then pays the creditor directly. For needs like healthy food, gas, clothes for interviews or work, a CVO member/volunteer will accompany the veteran and pay for their needed items. Cash is very rarely handed to the person for accountability reasons.

We ensure all donations are handled biblically and responsibly.